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Under development: In collaboration with EDC (Education Development Center), a new version of the curriculum tuned for high school use, with added teacher support materials and better scaffolding of student lessons. See the latest draft version below or at This version is being used in the BJC4NYC project.

If you are currently teaching or studying BJC, please use the direct link rather than the viewport below.

If you don't see a web page below, use the mirror site at Berkeley.

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The social implications topics are not yet fully integrated into the UCB/EDC curriculum above. Meanwhile, here are example topics in the form of lecture slides.

BJC's Hour of Code tutorial is here.

Fractal Fruit Tree

Fractal Fruit Tree by Josh Paley, created using recursion.


Smiley Face Recognition System

CS 10 student final project (Varun Rau, Stephen Schneider, and Robert Rose)

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Sudoku 10.0 - Solver and Random Board Generator

CS 10 student final project (Mark Miyashita and Sean Lingren)

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Ice Cream Menu Display

Inspired by a BJC assignment; uses recursion and higher order functions.