Super Short Story Builder

In this activity, you'll create one-sentence stories by changing the inputs to a block.

Playing with a Story Builder

  1. Click here to load this file. Then save it to your Snap! account.
  2. Click the super short story block, and read the bubble that appears.
    super short story, job: (teacher) action: (jumps) number: (7) plural animal: (dogs)
  3. You learned about inputs in Unit 1 Lab 1 Activity 1:Say Hello to Snap!
    Change some of the inputs to the super short story block, and click it again.
  4. Talk with Your PartnerWhat happens to the story reported in the bubble when you change the inputs to the super short story block?

Blocks with Random Outputs

  1. In the palette on the left side of the screen, find one of the blocks whose name begins with random, and click it several times.
    random job random action random animal
  2. Drag some of the random blocks into the super short story block, and run the super short story block (by clicking it) a few times.
    super short story, job: (teacher) place: (random place) action: (jumps) number: (7)
    It's possible that the story might turn out funny, such as saying "7 cat" or "1 elephants." You'll fix this in a later activity.
  3. Talk with Your Partner What happens to the story that is reported when you use one of the random blocks as input?
  4. Save your work
  1. Try using one of the other random blocks in the super short story block.
In this activity, you nested random blocks inside the super short story block to make the short story more interesting.