BJC Summer 2013 Teacher Preparation Workshops

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Vital web links

Workshop week 1 activity links

  • ECS data picture activity handout (PDF)
  • Abstraction lecture excerpt
  • higher order function exercises
  • recursion howto (txt)

    Snap! projects

    Other stuff

    Pre-course research survey

    Click here to take survey

    Week 1: Face to face 9-12, 1-4

    The times below (9-11, etc.) are rough guides; some activities will take longer than others.

    MonECS data activity, surveyIntro BJC, APCS:PrinciplesWrite Snap! blocks
    Tuelecture video excerpt, start lab 1  more lab 1, pedagogic content knowledge  Dis: computers in Education
     Wed List demo&labVee, Tree demo&labGood&bad social implications
    ThuRecursion lab  Write FOR demo, MAP lab  pedagogic content knowledge
    FriPiazza, SkypeSample CS10 projectsPlan for weeks 2-5

    Weeks 2-5: Online course

    Rough guide to time requirements:

      Mon-Thu: 1 hr lecture, 2 hr online lab, 3 hr homework/reading
      Fri: 3 hr face-to-face discussion, lab catchup if needed

      Reading: Read only the first half of each BtB chapter.
      Lectures: Links below are to video and Powerpoint versions. Watch at least one video; read ppt of others.
      Labs: Each unit gets two days, Mon-Tue or Wed-Thu.

      Midterm: Wed week 4 is an at-home midterm, with nothing else that day. No new lectures Mon/Tue that week,
      but the labs are important. The reading for the week can be done after the midterm.

      Paper: Right after the midterm, start working on your paper, due Tues of week 5.

      Project: There are no lab units in week 5; instead, the lab time that week is for your final project,
      the most important activity!

    Week 6: Face to face

    MonDebrief & plan wk 6  Review recursionReview HOF
    TueShow & TellShow & TellFinal
    Wed  Debrief finalresearch & PD plan  HS classroom plan
    Pedagogic Content Knowledge
    Makeup final
    FriAdvanced CS preview  Bringing BJC to Your School

    Details for weeks 2-5

    Read by column!   Key: Lecture (Lab) [Discussion]

    DayWeek 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
    Mon Abstraction (ppt) Recursion 1 (ppt) No lecture Saving the World (ppt) (guest)
    (Loops&If)(Lists 1)  (Recursion 1)(Project)
    Tue Video games (ppt) Social Implications 1 (ppt) No lecture Twitter (ppt) (guest)
    (Loops&If)(Lists 1)  (Recursion 1)(Project)
    Wed Functions (ppt) Recursion 2 (ppt) No lecture Limits of Computing (ppt)
    (Building Blocks)(Tic-Tac-Toe)*MIDTERM*(Project)
    Thu Paradigms (ppt) Social Implications 2 (ppt)   AI (ppt) Future of Computing (ppt)
    (Building Blocks)  (Tic-Tac-Toe)(Recursion 2)(Project)
    Fri [Video games]  [Social Implications][Social Implications]   [AI]
     Reading BtB 1-2 BtB 3-4 BtB 5-6 BtB 7-8
    AbstractionSocial ImplicationsAI

    Assignment schedule

    Midterm exam (takehome) Wed week 4
    Paper ("Internet" task in
    AP Portfolio) due Tue week 5
    Final project ("Programming" task in AP Portfolio) due Mon week 6
    Final exam in f2f Tue week 6